//Prawns Queen 21/25 800g

Prawns Queen 21/25 800g


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21/25 prawns per 800g pack


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Description: Without a doubt, Fresh Catch Deli’s most sought after and prized commodity, especially our marinated prawns.

Your prawns will arrive deveined, and you have the option of selecting whether we marinate them or not.

If you choose the marinated option, you WILL NOT be disappointed! Expect them to be bursting with Mediterranean flavour, it’s our own secret recipe!

Whether you grill, braai or throw them onto the Skottle, you’ll be serving a restaurant quality (even better in my opinion) meal, with zero preparation on your side.

Additional Info: Queens serve between 21/25 prawns per 800g pack.

No additional cost for the deveining and/or marinating option.

Please select your preferred method of preparation before adding to cart.

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